Raising Awareness Of The Risks Of Fire

When was the last time you checked your smoke alarms?

Did you know that of every ten fires attended by the fires service, three could be directly avoided by the owners of the property regularly checking their smoke alarms? Given that every house fire has a very real chance of ending in the loss of life, the threat of tragedy still isn’t spurring everyone into action.

Ideally, once a month, you should press the test button on every alarm in your home to make sure it is functioning correctly. Yes, we know the noise is unpleasant and loud, but if the worst happens you’ll be very glad that it is so uncomfortable. Most smoke alarms make periodic beep noises when the battery is low, but don’t rely on them doing so – the only way to know for sure that the battery is good is to test it manually. Even if you have devices that are connected to the mains electricity supply, they should still be tested regularly in case of faults developing.

To help spread the word, we’ll be at your local Tesco supermarket in the coming weeks, where you’ll be able to find out more about how to protect yourself and your family from the threat of fire, and simple steps you can take to prevent fires happening at home. We’ll even be giving you the chance to win on the spot prizes, so it’s well worth coming to see us.

You can find out more about appearances at your local store by speaking to the customer service team, and we look forward to seeing you soon.